Dead Sea Salt

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the San Francisco Bath Salt Company was founded on the principals of quality, value and customer service.

Rub the salt gently into your skin, take your time and cover every inch of your body.

Also, a word of caution to those with sensitive skin - be extremely gentle and try and use salt of a fine grain, which is less abrasive than larger grain salts.

Remember, you are using salt - be sure to shave ahead of time (in other words, don’t rub salt into an open wound).

If you made your own exfoliating bath gel, simply squeeze or pour some into the palm of your hand and clean your body using small circular motions.

Do this very gently and be sure not to overdo it. Once you are in the tub, pour some bath salts into the palm of your hand.

Exfoliation can be done every time you take a bath. Before you bathe gently “brush” your dead skin with a washcloth or loofah.

Add a handful of bath salts to your bath gel and stir/shake until the salts are blended in. Presto! You’ve got your own custom exfoliating cleanser.

Find a fragrant bath gel of your choice with a rich lather and pour some into a new bottle (or even a bowl).

You can even combine bath salts with bath gel to make your own unique exfoliating cleanser to use either in the bath or in the shower.

You can add essential oils, fragrances, and herbs to your bath salts to make your scrub even more beneficial.